Did you know that over time the skin of your shamisen loses tension and sound quality?

With prolonged use, humidity and the beating of the bachi, the skin suffers and loses tension, which causes the sound to fade and sound less clear than at the beginning.

For the first time in Europe, after several years of research and many, many tests, I have succeeded in producing a completely synthetic fabric that gives excellent results, both in sound and weather resistance.

And most importantly, no animal suffers in the process.

Designed and manufactured exclusively in Barcelona (Spain), arrives:

My main concern as a Shamisen player has always been to achieve a good sound: clear, balanced and powerful.

In my opinion, there are three key factors to achieve this:

1 – A good skin and its tension.
2 – The technique of the player
3 – The quality of the wood of the instrument

In the old days, the shamisen box was always covered with animal skin. In Nagauta Shamisen, cat skin was used, and in Tsugaru Shamisen, dog skin was used.

Over the years, different alternatives have emerged, but in spite of this, in Japan, animal skin is still the most commonly used.

In my case, whenever possible, I have opted for synthetic ones. I understand that in the past animals were the only way to get some resources but with today’s technology there are alternatives.

I have had the opportunity to try many different types of leather and evaluate their pros and cons. And I have come to the conclusion that these are the key points that a synthetic leather must meet.

– It must have a balanced, clear and powerful sound.
– It must be resistant to bad weather (rain, humidity…).
– That it resists well to the bachi hitting the skin and the abrasion they cause. 

Taking all these factors into account, nami® was born.

nami® is ideal for Tsugaru Shamisen, Nagauta or Jiuta Shamisen.

Here is one more sample of the direct sound of nami® installed in my Tsugaru Shamisen “Kurokami”.

If you wish to renew the sound of your shamisen with nami® contact me through this form and i will send you a budget as soon as possible.