All the shamisens shown below have been handcrafted in my workshop in Barcelona (Spain).

Respecting the original measurements of the instrument but with variations in the choice of woods and finishes.

From the first one, built as a prototype, to the last one, which I currently use in all my projects.


Tsugaru Shamisen. 2019. Made with African Walnut wood for the neck, Maple drum and Wenge Itomakis.
Lacquered neck and itomakis, maple drum in natural matte finish.
Walnut wood, not being a very hard wood, accentuates the mid and bass frequencies.


Tsugaru Shamisen. 2020. Made with Rosewood bicolor, Pau Ferro drum with Ayasugi interior carving, combined Ebony/Padauk itomakis.
The sound of this shamisen is very sharp due to the hardness and density of the woods, with great definition in high notes and great resonance of its sawari.


Tsugaru Shamisen. 2020. Made with Moabi wood for the neck and Rosewood drum with Ayasugi carving inside.
Traditional Japanese polishing throughout the instrument.
High quality sound, very balanced with bass accentuation and good resonance.

*As a curiosity, this shamisen was manufactured during the 2020 pandemic.


Tsugaru Shamisen. 2021. Made with African Blackwood on the neck, inlays and drum of Urunday wood. Combined itomakis of Lignum Vitae.
Traditional Japanese polishing throughout the body.
Excellent sound, great balance in all registers, good bass, excellent treble definition.