AKI (2022) is the first Tsugaru Shamisen solo album by Jose Luque.
An introspective journey into the essence of the three-stringed instrument with hints of modern music.
Strongly inspired and created in the peace of nature it includes 7 songs, 2 traditional (Tsugaru Tanto, Tsugaru Jongara Bushi) and 5 original pieces.

01. tsugaru
02. Nageki
03. Kaze
04. Naminori
05. Tsugaru Tanto
06. Aki
07. Tsugaru Jongara Bushi

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Intro for documentary "shokunin"

Duet with Kenichi Yoshida

Decollage, reinterpretation of El cant del Ocells (Pau Casals) 2020

Original piece "from home" during the pandemic of 2020

Videogame covers