Give a new style to your shamisen by customizing your itomaki!

Itomaki are a very characteristic and unique part of the shamisen. They give it personality, style and can even improve its sound. In my workshop I craft them with high quality hardwoods.
Some of them are very difficult to find (Lignum Vitae) and others are really beatiful and original (Purple Heart).
You can also choose the shape, simple hexagonal or concave.

Here you can see some examples that I have made for clients from all over the globe:

You can pick your favourite combination:

Please note that colors may vary slightly, as each piece of wood has a unique grain and color.

Contact me through this form to request yours and I will send you a quotation as soon as possible.

Choose if you want them in one simple color, its geometry and if you decide for the combined one, tell me which wood you choose for the handle. The tip is always made of blackwood.